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Red Barn Mercantile works hard to promote the benefits of buying from local merchants, the need to reuse and recycle great old furniture, purchasing environmentally sustainable products and creating a unique style that reflects personal touches and modern comforts. Here is a collection of our press clippings so you can see how others have covered us.

Washington PostJune 1, 2011 -- The Best Investment Furniture "It's good to think of how you can use [something] now and how you can use it later," says Amy Rutherford, owner of Red Barn Mercantile in Alexandria. "You want the piece to grow with you, so it needs to be timeless and multipurpose." More

Amy takes a closer look at an item in a Louden County flea marketJuly 17, 2008 -- Finders Reapers: At Flea Markets, It Pays to Play by the Rules The Washington Post joins Red Barn Mercantile owner Amy Rutherford and her mom at a Louden County flea market to learn the tips to finding great pieces at good prices. "...One of the keys to successful flea marketing, Rutherford says, is being able to look beyond an item's original use. A chest of drawers, for example, could make a comely buffet in a small space. A stone trough could be used for plants or, turned upside down, as extra seating. An antique wooden ironing board would do well placed behind a couch as a console table or, as Rutherford herself uses one, as a bedside table." More

Amy's Flea Market Tips -- Ten tips to successful flea marketing.

What to Bring for Smart Scavenging Your checklist of what to bring on any flea market outing.

November 15, 2007 -- Raising a Barn to Decorate the Home "Shopping in Old Town Alexandria stores can yield a variety of home treasures, including collectible antiques, vintage chandeliers, linens, dishware and examples of urban chic. Red Barn Mercantile, the newest addition to the neighborhood, puts all that under one roof. ..." More

Fashion WashingtonSummer, 2011 -- Lush Life: Homey, In Words like “heritage” and “classic” have been bandied about a lot in fashion lately. But in decor, old-fashioned and homespun never went out of style, a notion celebrated by Red Barn Mercantile's new, nostalgic accessories More

Washington Post ExpressMay 27, 2011 -- Bathing Beauties: Cheap, Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Add coordinating towels and bath mats to complete the look (and help cover up a floor that's seen better days). And then bring in some accessories — maybe a sleek new towel rack or some vintage jars for stashing cosmetics in. "Be creative," Rutherford says. "Use an old crock to hide the toilet brush or old bottle to hold soap." More

October 22, 2010 -- Best Local Home Store: Red Barn Mercantile Searching for a new rustic couch plus the perfect vintage sewing spindles to match? Throw in some antique dressers, buffets and armoires, and add a few quirky coffee table books and you have the gist of this cozy furniture and gift shop. Owner Amy Rutherford, above, transcends the usual shabby chic: "I like to say we're a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll." More

September 24, 2010 -- Make a Grand Entrance: Foyer Design Fundamentals "Have fun with it," says Amy Rutherford, proprietor of Red Barn Mercantile in Old Town Alexandria. "Paint your front door turquoise or apple green. Do something clever and interesting there that screams welcome but yet talks to your personality. You're setting the stage and helping everybody outside see a little of your personality without even going into the space." More

September 11, 2009 -- Hunted House: Hip Nesters Haunt Flea Markets, Craigslist to Score Vintage Artifacts As the owner of cozy Old Town decor den Red Barn Mercantile ..., Amy Rutherford has a rep for a mix of hard-to-find new items — Thomas Paul's vibrant patterned pillows, colorful Fishs Eddy pottery — and nifty secondhand finds, such as salvaged library card catalogs or worn farm pulleys meant to be used as doorstops or bookends. More

News Channel 8

Red Barn Mercantile Participates in Alexandria's "Our Dollars" Sweepstakes -- Red Barn Mercantile was featured in this story by Channel 8 on a campaign by the Chamber of Commerce to encourage shoppers to buy locally. Find out more.

Refine Design: Washington SpacesDecember 15, 2008 -- "It's just over a year old, but even in its toddlerhood, the Red Barn Mercantile in Old Town Alexandria has made a name for itself -- and it's easy to see why. ..." More

Little Window ShoppeDecember 11, 2008 -- "With furniture, bedding, gifts and home decor, this Washington, D.C. based shoppe blends old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky into one unforgettable experience. This store offers signature whole-room designs at great prices and you may also purchase many of their items online at their website. ..." More

Store Adore December 5, 2008 -- "This furniture n' gift emporium that has us in hog heaven when it's time to find that extra detail for our own place or a thoughtful little somethin' for somebody else. With a setup that gives a nod to a (high style) barn, the airy interior of Red Barn Mercantile allows plenty of room for browsing, and provides a homey atmosphere that encourages shoppers to sit down and peruse the oversized coffee table books (everything from an encyclopedia of bugs to a photographic history of Audrey Hepburn) while test-driving a potential new sofa purchase. ..." More

NBC 4, Washington DC

Nov. 28, 2008 -- Washington, D.C.'s NBC 4 News featured Red Barn Mercantile and owner Amy Rutherford, a member of the Old Town Boutique District, about how the co-op of local merchants works together to promote shopping in Old Town:

Daily Candy November 11, 2008 -- Featured Skout pillows made from reclaimed fabric available at Red Barn Mercantile.

"Lounge on a chair upholstered in recycled linen or patched together with vintage fabrics and nailheads. Artfully worn throw pillows are often emblazoned with old company markings or weight measurements. ..." More

RowHouse - Decor, Designs and Stylish Finds December 7, 2007 -- "Wow - this is right in my wheelhouse! And what a fresh departure from the some of the stuffier shops I've seen come and go on King Street. ..." More