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House for Sale!

Hello all!

After 12 years in our little townhouse we have decided to move. It’s still up in the air as to where we will land – Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County, but we know it’s time to move on.

Last week I spent all week cleaning and prepping my house for the sale. We took boxes upon boxes to storage, to Goodwill and to the curb. We basically scrubbed the place clean and scrubbed most of our personality away in order for others to see themselves living here. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still bits and pieces of us still hanging around, but for the most part all the fun – and cluttered chaos that is our lives – is gone. That being said, I thought I would show you a few of the photos of our house. In case you have ever been curious about how we live. People often ask me how do I part with the stuff in my store. I always tell them they should see what I keep! Here’s a small glimpse into what I kept.

This is the living room. It’s my favorite room in the house because I dearly love my navy blue walls (Benjamin Moore’s Newbury Port Blue) and will miss them when I leave. They really make the furniture and my collection of etching prints really pop. And, my own Seda sofa looks gorgeous against it. (BTW, you can get the sofa and the two lamps from Red Barn Mercantile) My favorite thing in this room is the big giant 30 gallon crock in the corner. It’s a big beautiful beast and I love it! Found it for a song at a long closed store in Ellicott City, MD.

The coffee table was once an oyster shucking table from MD. It did have a piece of tin on it that eroded so badly that we had to remove it. You can see all the nail holes on the sides where it was nailed on. My mom stripped it and Dad cut off the legs to make it the perfect coffee table. The other interesting piece in this picture is the side table on the right. It is the bottom of an old general store display. It has the same amount and type of drawers on the other side. The piece that would have been on top would have been hexagonal with lots of drawers and it would have turned. That piece is pretty cool too.

The room is long and narrow so I will have to show it to you in four pictures. Left is the scene directly across from the sofa.

Here is the gorgeous Harvard chair by Cisco Brothers and the Longshan lamp by Jamie Young both available at Red Barn Mercantile!

Next to them is a buffet that Mom and I found at Lucketts many years ago. It was red and terrible before my mother worked her magic. I love the color of the wood particularly next to the paint. The piece on top is from a friend and one of my first staff people, Monica. She has AMAZING taste and a great eye for antiques. The cubbies are from an old hotel and are so small that you really can’t fit anything in them other than letters and keys. I decided long ago not to put anything in it because it’s beautiful just the way it is.

Finally, my most favorite thing on this side of the room is the clock. It’s an old Seth Thomas clock that used to hang above my grandfather’s desk. I hear it’s tick-tock and think of him. (Note that it is hung a little too high. I decided not to move it and put another hole in the wall. Trying to be considerate of the next owners!)

On the left is a picture of my grandmother’s old pine stepback. She was an antique dealer in Tulsa for many years. It sits next to the sofa on the same loooonnnnnggggg wall. It’s where I get the gene, I’m sure!

On the right is the space just across from the stepback. This is my desk and honestly, it has never been so clean! It’s usually piled high with papers and clutter, which is a shame because it’s so beautiful. It’s an old partner’s desk that my parents gave me for Christmas one year. I think it’s stunning. The mirror is an old oak mirror that I found for a song. The silver behind the beveled glass is flaking away to reveal streaks and black spots. Some might not like that, but to me, that’s what makes it so special. The lamp is a Thomas O’Brien surveyor’s lamp that is available at Red Barn Mercantile if you’d like one too! Wink. Wink. Well, that’s all for now. If I have time and there is any interest, I’ll show you the rest later. Now, I’m off to buy a dress for Preston’s wedding…!

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