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Back to School at Red Barn Mercantile

College can be a cold and dreary place filled with stark linoleum, painted brick walls and industrialized furniture. Every dorm room looks like every other. That’s why decorating them is so much fun. They are blank slates waiting for your students’ (and their room mates’) personal stamps of individuality.

Help them out this year by stopping by Red Barn Mercantile this weekend. We have several items that can inexpensively liven and brighten your child’s dorm room and make the entire college experience much more enjoyable and homey.

Start with cotton woven Dash & Albert Rugs. They come in several colors (maybe even school colors), a variety of sizes and they are easy to care for. They really warm up those cold floors and provide a splendid splash of color to otherwise colorless rooms.  

Next, your freshman is going to need some cozy bedding and pillows. Many dorm beds serve double duty — as a sofa and a place to sleep. So adding several Euros and other decorative pillows provide added comfort and flare. You can even remind them that they are still your child no matter how old they are….

Add fun picture frames, journals, and even odd and funny school supplies to bring a little personality to class. Visit our online Gifts section for favorite items like our inspirational Word Pencils, Think Eraser, Signature Three-Ring Binders and more.

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