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Tents and Teepees

Hello!? We got a great response from the tents and teepees.? Everyone is asking about them!? Since we are getting so much interest, I thought I would share the information with everyone.

The tents and teepees are DARLING!? My kids love them and so will yours.? Even Preston is lobbying James’s grandparents to get him a teepee – and he’s only 3 months old.? They are a fun hideout for any kid.? And the parents fit inside too.

Camping Tent

The tent sells for $210.? It measures 40″W x 59″L x 48″H.? The structure is made of PVC piping and the cover is nice thick durable cotton that is machine washable.? The vintage inspired fabric comes in two designs – camping and hula girl.

?????? ?? Camping fabric???????? Hula Girl fabric




The teepee sells for $185.? It measures 72″H x 50″ pole spread.? The polls are made of pine and painted a corresponding color.? The 100% machine washable cotton is available in four different patterns – western, yellow roses, space and rose pindot.? All of which are absolutely charming!

????????? Western fabric?????? Yellow Roses fabric

????????? Space fabric?????? Rose Pin Dot fabric

If you would like more information on the tents and teepees or if you would like to place your order today then feel free to email or call us at 703.838.0355.? If you order before December 8 we have been guaranteed Christmas delivery.? After that and we take our chances a little.? Also, these can be shipped straight to your little loved ones no matter where they are in the United States.

Look for these online in the next few days.? Until then come by, call or email us and we would be happy to help!

UPDATE: These items are now available for sale online.

Take care,? Amy


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One Response to Tents and Teepees

  1. Dan says:

    Attention everyone, these items are now for SALE in our Children’s section.